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Locally relevant offers are far more engaging than general ads. Show your users local deals and events. Earn money when they click through.

Commonly Used Parameters

Param Example Notes
q q=mixology Applies to title and description fields.
type type=deal To return only daily deals, set type=deal. Also accepts event.
lat, lon lat=40.74&lon=-74.00
radius radius=1.5&lat=40.74&lon=-74.00 Default is 2. Units are km. Requires lat and lon.
price_min price_min=10
price_max price_max=75
expiration_date expiration_date=2011-11-07 Format is YYYY-MM-DD. Granularity is 24 hours. Supersedes expiration_date_min and _max. For events, the expiration_date field is the date of the event.
expiration_date_min expiration_date_min=2011-11-07
expiration_date_max expiration_date_max=2011-11-07
limit limit=40 Default is 10. Max is 200. Supersedes page and page_size.

Other Supported Parameters

Param Example Notes
title title=bartending
price price=39
status status=all Default is active. Also accepts expired or all.
source source=buywithme Currently accepts groupon, livingsocial, buywithme, kgbdeals, seatgeek, and eventbrite.
source_id source_id=nyc-10337 Search by source-specific offer id.
page, page_size page=2&page_size=20