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The places endpoint allows you to search for local businesses, restaurants, points of interest, landmarks and more. You can query using the below parameters, and you’ll get back rich places data in JSON format.

Hyperpublic Places+ currently covers places in the top 50+ US cities. New cities are being added frequently. For a list of the cities covered click here.

Commonly Used Parameters

Param Example Notes
q q=bar%20pool Free text.
lat, lon lat=43&lon=-74
radius radius=5 Default is 2. Units are km. Requires lat and lon.
location location=Chicago,%20IL Accepts an address, or address fragments: city, zip, etc.
phone_number phone_number=2122292217 Accepts a phone number, regardless of formatting.
postal_code postal_code=10014
category category=Coffee category=4e28ae8f643bce00040000ab Show places within this category subtree. Pass a category’s id for exact match. See Categories endpoint.
limit limit=20 Default is 10. Max is 50.

Other Supported Parameters

Param Example Notes
with_photo with_photo=true Accepts true, false.
page, page_size page=2&page_size=5